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Strange Weather Patterns

  • Snowstorms in Northeast

    Snow like never seen before in Boston As of Mon. 2/9 with 62.5 inches of snowfall since January 15 -- the record for most snow in a 30-day period was already broken. The previous record was set in 1978. On 2/15 Eastern seaboard is again buried under the season’s 12th snow storm. Ice and snow storms caused hundreds of thousands to lose power and heat in the Northeast in subfreezing temperatures. In many Northeast localities, the accumulated snowfall totals are three times the normal average. "We've never seen this type of snow in the city of Boston at any other time in the history of our city." CNN 2/15/15

  • Snowstorm Juno

    Snow with accumulations of 10 to 36 inches (25 to 91 centimeters) expected to strike a 250-mile-long (400-kilometer) stretch of the East Coast, accompanied by 75-mile-per-hour (121-kilometer) winds.

  • Flooding in Malawi

    Flooding in Malawi has killed more than 176 people, displaced at least 200,000 others, left homes and schools submerged in water and roads washed away by the deluge in the southern African country.

  • High Winds

    Rare snow and wind storms across Southern California. Unusually high winds across the region responsible for the deaths of 7 persons

  • Twin EF4 Tornadoes

    Twin EF4 tornadoes ripped through the small town of Pilger, Nebraska. More than three-fourths of the town was destroyed, and two people lost their lives.

  • Texas Wildfires

    Wildfires destroyed 1,600 homes and burned over 32,000 acres of land, including 96 percent of beautiful Bastrop State Park. It was the most destructive wildfire in Texas history

  • Cyclone Nargis

    Cyclone Nargis killed 24 people in India, and left one million homeless